Disaster Prep

Are You Prepared?

Sometimes Mother Nature gives us advance warning of a disaster and sometimes she doesn’t. A tornado may be spotted several minutes before it strikes your area, causing excessive wind damage. An earthquake is likely to give no warning at all. Below are some ways you can prepare today for almost any emergency that may come tomorrow.

Useful Tips & Checklists

Print out the following safety tips and checklists and review them with your family:

  • General Preparedness & Planning
  • Prepare Your Workplace & Employees
  • Earthquake
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage & Flooding
  • Tornado
  • Winter Storm
  • Terrorism
  • Caring For Your Emotional Health Following a Disaster
  • Caring For Your Pets in an Emergency

72-Hour Emergency Kits

Each of the following lists vary but all are good resources and include great information to build your emergency kit:

  • Get Ready America
  • About LDS Guide
  • SF72
  • American Red Cross

Help Yourself

Have a Plan. Plan different escape routes from your home with your family. Decide where you will meet if you are separated. Have one contact person to report everyone’s well-being.

Practice the Plan. Communicate the plan to your family and educate them about the different disaster scenarios. Practicing the plan is the best way to be sure the information is fresh on everyone’s mind.

Utilize Online Resources. There are many educational online resources available to you for helping you prepare for disasters, including the American Red Cross and FEMA websites.

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