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Utah Wind Damage Services

FAQs for wind damage

Is there anything I can do to prevent wind damage to my home?

Always remember to put away loose items such as garbage cans, lawn chairs, umbrellas, or anything else that can cause wind damage to your home. Remember any loose debris can act as an airborne missile.

There are four weak areas of a home that should be checked to prevent wind damage and they include the following: Roof, windows, doors and garage doors.

Check your roof to make sure there are no missing tiles or shingles. Hire a professional to fix and secure them properly. Windows can be boarded up with plywood if there are high wind warnings. Solid Wood or Hollow-Metal Doors protect the best from debris. Also make sure there are three hinges and a one-inch-long dead bolt. Sliding glass doors are most susceptible to shattering, so board them up to prevent debris from flying through. If you have double doors make sure they have a head and foot bolt. Using correct bracing to secure your garage door is important and can provide much needed protection for your garage.

How do I stay safe during a windstorm?

If you are outside, move into a building and avoid wind-damaged electrical power lines, utility poles, and trees. Turn off all appliances and shut off the natural gas. Move away from all windows and other objects that could fall. Go to the lower floor of a multistory home. When driving, pull off the road, avoid overpasses, and stop away from trees. If possible, walk into a safe building.

What should I do immediately after the windstorm?

Evacuate damaged buildings and do not reenter until they are declared safe by authorities. If you smell gas or hear a hissing sound indoors, open windows and leave the building. Turn off the gas source and call your gas company. If the power goes out, keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed to keep food frozen for up to two days.

Try to make contact with your designated out-of-area phone contact. Avoid making local telephone calls. Monitor your portable or weather radio for instructions or an official “all clear” notice. Radio stations will broadcast what to do, the location of emergency shelters, medical-aid stations, and the extent of the wind damage.

Ok, I have wind damage to my property, now what?

Do not approach objects outside the home that may pose danger due to wind damage, especially sagging trees with broken limbs.

If the roof is partially or fully stripped from wind damage, temporarily tack some plastic to it.

Do not light candles after a windstorm.

Use a flashlight in case of broken gas lines from wind damage.

If a door or window is gone from wind damage, fasten plywood to protect the home from vandalism or further damage.

Call Advanced Restoration following wind damage to fix any structural damage to your home or property, and for temporary board-ups!




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