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Job Process Following Property Damage

First Contact
After you call Advanced Restoration to report your fire damage or water damage to your property, one of our experienced estimators will contact you within an hour, if they are not immediately available, to coordinate repairs. If you have an emergency, our emergency crews will be dispatched to your home immediately. Your estimator will handle the process of each job from beginning to end. He will meet with you to discuss the expectations of the project and answer all your specific questions.

Your estimator will handle the scheduling of all the repairs. They will find a timeline that is realistic and that fits in your schedule.

Advanced Restoration utilizes one of the most common estimating databases used by insurance professionals. Repair estimates are available with quantities, unit prices, and a sketch of the area. All estimates are sent to the assigned insurance adjuster for approval.

Digital photographs are generated for each project. These can be e-mailed to a claims representative for their use. Digital photos can be sent with the estimate for the purpose of clarifying a claim.

Advanced Communication
Everyone with interest in the project will have ONE contact: The estimator! The estimator holds the main responsibilities and will coordinate with the property owners, insurance adjuster and agents - everyone will be in the loop.

Unless otherwise specified, all invoices are sent to you, the property owner. If your claim went through your insurance, it is your responsibility to coordinate the money with your insurance carrier.  If it is a covered loss, you are still required to pay your portion, also called the insurance deductible or co-pay, to the restoration company.




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