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What are the benefits of hiring a restoration company over doing the work myself?

Having a disaster at your home or business can be a devastating and overwhelming experience. At Advanced Restoration, we are restoring your peace of mind by providing you with one contact from clean-up to total completion. We are experts in the industry and take pride in our quality and commitment to integrity.  Our trades’ professionals are licensed, insured and background checked.  With 15 years in the business as “Certified Restorers” we feel we have the experience and technology that shines above our competitors. We are committed to our promise of “Building You Up!”

What am I responsible to pay in the event of a claim?

Insurance policies have a co-pay amount which is the responsibility of the insured (property owner) to pay. Co-pays usually range from $250 - $1000. If you are not sure the amount of your co-pay, ask your insurance agent.
When your insurance company determines the total amount for the claim, your insurance company will typically make payment for the amount of the claim minus the Co-pay. For instance, if you have a loss of $3,000.00 and your co-pay is $250.00; your insurance company will issue a check for $2,750.00. You as the insured are responsible for the Co-Pay.

How do I know if I should file a claim?

It is our goal, at Advanced Restoration, to make the claims process as easy as possible. With our Easy-Claim program, we offer a free consultation with you, the property owner, to help answer questions about the claims and restoration processes and help determine the amount of damage. Our estimators are experts in the restoration field and can give you their opinion about whether or not it is worth it to file a claim. (**This is not a written estimate**)

Can I still use Advanced Restoration if I don’t have insurance or don’t want to file a claim?

Yes, Advanced Restoration works with all property owners with or without insurance.




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