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Utah Construction and Remodeling

FAQs about Construction and Remodeling

When should I hire a professional?

Professionals in their field know all the codes and regulations, including required permits, etc. It is always recommended to hire a professional if you are not skilled in the trade.

How do I choose a contractor?

Always choose a contractor that is licensed and insured. You may want to get three estimates and look at the contractors work to make the deciding factor.

Should I build a new home or just remodel?

It is always best to evaluate the current home market and its patterns. During a slow housing market, it is probably the best time to update and make repairs so you can get top dollar for your home when it is time to sell.

Ok, I have a construction project in mind. What should I know first?

With home sales dropping, many homeowners are turning to remodeling. This decision is motivated by the benefits of avoiding the selling process of homes in a down market. This also allows for home improvements that will increase value for when the market makes a return.
The top three suggested items to remodel in order to achieve the highest return on investment are the kitchen, bathroom and windows.

Don't overspend. Adding expensive granite countertops may seem like a good idea, but if everyone else has Formica, you probably won't recoup the cost.

Don't be too unique. Your uncommon tastes could work against you when it comes time to sell.

Don't expect a return on every change.

A good contractor can make a huge difference, so it's important to check references.

Have a plan. Knowing exactly what you want in advance can save time, energy and money. If you're on the ball, contractors will know exactly what you want and won't be inclined to add extra costs.

Check out the neighborhood. Since you get the most value for a remodeling job when keeping in-line with neighborhood standards, check what neighbors have.
Taken from: http://www.thestreet.com/markets/ericgillin/10014443.html

Advanced Restoration provides immediate service for all remodeling and home improvement projects. Please call 1-888-886-1740 for help building your dreams!



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